Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi families,

Happy Thanksgiving – I hope you all had a chance to be with family and relax this weekend.

A few notes for this upcoming week:

1. Please see the note below from your PAC chair Tobi Hauck.  The fruit fundraiser order form is also attached.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I’m the Rosemont PAC Chair this year. I have a son in grade 3 and a daughter in Kindergarten. PAC is having our first apple and pear fundraiser right now. The form is already on munchalunch for those who want to get started right away. A paper copy will go home with students this week. Money raised by PAC goes back to the students for pizza lunches and playground enhancements etc. Thanks!

Tobi Hauck


2. Rosemont students this week will be preparing potatoes and kale from our school garden to have a school-wide home fries and kale chip feast!  Please let me know if you DO NOT want your child to be offered oven baked potato fries or kale chips.  We will be feasting on Thursday!


3. FRIDAY – OCT 15 – BRING YOUR BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY!  We will be putting out the ramps and berms made last year by Mr. Geddis’ class and we will celebrate all things wheels!  Helmets required.


4. Wednesday, Oct 20th Superintendent Trish Smilie will be visiting Rosemont School.  Parents are welcome at 2:00pm to join us on the school playground area to meet and greet our new Superintendent.  This is your chance to ask questions, introduce yourself or just come and say hi!


5. As always, please do the daily health check to ensure your child is well enough to come to school.  MANY thanks to all you parents! 


Have a wonderful week,


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