Sunday Dec. 12th message from Mrs. MacKay


Dear families,

The countdown is on – one more week of school before winter break!

Here are a few reminders and points of information for you:

1.  Library day is on Mondays with Ms. Robertson.  Please try to help your child(ren) return their library books each Monday so they can take out more books.  We love supporting at-home reading!

2.  Sledding at Rosemont School – I realize some families may not be familiar with the rules the students need to follow when the sledding hill is open and during KidzKlub.  It is very helpful when parents can support the same rules during after school sledding time.  

  • One sledder at a time (no doubling)
  • Start and finish at the cones
  • Walk up the right hand side of the sledding track
  • Feet first/knees first – no head first or standing
  • Students must be wearing proper winter gear to sled (snow pants, jacket, boots, mitts)
  • No GTs or wooden sleds
  • When the bell rings, students in line must walk back down the hill

3.  The front snowbank in the corner of the school parking lot is OFF limits for students. In the past, there have been some near misses with cars arriving and leaving and students playing on that bank.  When you arrive to school, please remind your child they need to be inside the orange posts at the gate.

4.   We are having a schoolwide OUTDOOR winter assembly on Thursday, December 16th at 1:30pm on the school basketball court.  Each class will sing a winter-themed song they have been practicing with Ms. Chee.  Parents are welcome to come and listen.  I will try my best to record the singing and send the link to families as well. Immediately following the assembly, the students will be offered a hot chocolate as a treat and we will all stay outside until dismissal.  Please let me know if you DO NOT wish for your child to have a hot chocolate.

5.  Last Thursday’s PJ/crafting day was a huge success!  Each student made 4 crafts and will get to take 3 home.  This upcoming week, each class will take a walk in the Rosemont neighbourhood and secretly spread holiday cheer by leaving the 4thcraft on the doorsteps of houses J

6.  If you are planning to send treats to school this week for your student’s class, please remember the treats need to be made in a commercial kitchen/setting.  At this time, we are still not encouraging home made treats for students.

As always, please reach with any questions.