1605 Crease Avenue, Nelson, BC, V1L 1A5 p: (250) 352-3182 f: (250) 352-9761 e: roes@sd8.bc.ca


Rosemont School is located in beautiful Nelson, BC.  The school rests in the shadow of Toad Mountain and is lucky to have an expansive natural playground and Art Gibbon Park a stone’s throw away. Our small size, approximately 120 students, allows for a close-knit and nurturing school climate. We aim to provide a learning environment that promotes citizenship and personal growth through mindful and caring behaviors.

As a staff, we believe that effective communication is crucial to building and maintaining a positive working relationship between home and school. Parents, students, school and district staff are all part of the Rosemont team. Working together as partners, we spark our students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and provide the tools they need to embrace and grow with change. Our relationship as a school community team contributes greatly to happy and successful students.

Rosemont is striving to build a healthy and connected whole-school community, one child at a time.


  • 8:35 – School Start
  • 10:10 – 10:30 Recess
  • 12:00 – 12:45 Lunch
  • 2:33 Dismissal

Our 4 C's

Rosemont is great!


Updates to the website

  • Jan 16th update

    New Pages (found in Winter Events): – Snow day! – Birds – Winter Activities   Page updates: – Gr 1/2 – building -Winter – pictures

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  • 2015 Update

    2015 has arrived!   New Special Events Folders: – Fall Events – Winter Events   New Special Events Pages: – Curling   Page Updates: – Kindergarten – buddies – Grade 3 – buddies – Grade 2 – hugs – Dance – more video’s – Staff – new staff to Rosemont!  

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