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Crawford Bay School

We are a rural K-12 school with a population that ranges from about 70 to 90 students.

Our school was the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold school in BC and it is gorgeous.  Our learning spaces are comfortable, calm, flexible, with lots of natural light, wood and equipped for any kind of learning we can imagine.   Our classes are all multi-age, creating opportunities for deep connections, student leadership and creative groupings. Our secondary elective offerings change from year to year, depending on what our students hope to take and what our staff expertise is.  They can include Spanish, Philosophy, Wood Work, Film Production, Culinary Arts and more.  Given our unique immediate natural surroundings, we have a strong focus on nature-based, and placed-based learning. We are famous for our abundant school garden and delicious PAC run hot lunch program. 

Our learners come from the East Shore, including the communities of Riondel, Kootenay Bay, Crawford Bay, Gray Creek and Boswell.  We aspire to have student learning imbedded in community, using local expertise to enrich our classroom learning.

Our StrongStart facility on the premises is the only early childhood program in our area, and therefore the first contact with the school community for many families.

If you would like to visit our vibrant and beautiful school and grounds, please reach out to the principal to arrange a tour.  

Rosemont Elementary

Rosemont Elementary is a mindful community school where students use Caring, Commitment to Learning, Creativity, Common Sense and Calm to empower themselves to embrace challenge and change, foster mutual respect and responsibility, and appreciate and care for their world.